Dark series TRIBES OF EUROPA review : Europa Tamil


They say that the Dark series is a series that should be watched. But with the length (currently 3 seasons) and the difficulty of the series So we haven’t started watching it yet, but Netflix released the same creator’s Tribes of Europa mini-series.

Considering the length that it is acceptable (Just come out for one season, with 6 episodes, approximately 45 minutes each) So let’s try to taste it from this story first.

The German Dystopia series from the creators of DARK is nothing fresh.

Although we can watch 6 episodes in a single night But I have

to honestly say that we are secretly a little disappointed Maybe

because the name of the Dark series that came to be expected

in the first part But most of the time is the movie itself.

The sale of the dystopia It’s a genre of movies and books

that we love, but in the end, Tribes of Europa doesn’t give

us anything fresh or interesting.

Tribes of Europa is a German series. Tell the story of the future

in 2074 when the world has no electricity anymore after the Black

December 2029 incident, Europe collapses, people are divided into

tribes, but some people want to rebuild Europe. Each new in their own version

The story begins The three brothers, protagonists Liv

(Henriette Confurius), Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), and Elja

(David Ali Rashed), the sons of the Origines Chief (Benjamin Sadler)

, go to rescue pilots from the crashed Atlantean craft and get the Cube.


Which is a high-tech technology in possession, causing the Crows to destroy the brutal Until almost all of them were killed Some of the people, including Kiano and his father, were taken into slavery.

But there are also some who have escaped death like Liv and Elja.

The characters and the story are not enough to follow or support.
Throughout the season, we have to follow the lives of three siblings who wander in different directions without destination.

It’s like the Stark brothers in the series. Game of Thrones, but by personal opinion Its sweetness, or motivation to follow, is not that strong yet.

At first, we thought Liv. Is the eldest sister. And is a strong female character of the story Would be most likely to follow or be the key to the story than her siblings. But in the end, her story doesn’t seem much.

She went to Crimson camp, a multinational military group, and suddenly pung pung with Commander David (Robert Finster) until she was promoted to the camp, akin to Tris’ relationship with Four in Divergent. Less than that

Elja, the youngest It seems to be the most important. Because it holds the most important item in the story He meets Moses, a mechanic who is tricky to sell old-world technology.

Who is both his best and least trustworthy partner at the same time. But in the end, their story is nothing more. And not as attractive to follow as it should be

The most interesting story And the character has the most dimensions and development is the story of Kiano, he is the middle child with the most clues. And was the only one of his brethren who could not escape.

Being taken into slavery It also has to be Lord Varvara (Melika Foroutan), who is also a dimensional villain, with Kiano trying to get free in every way. Until the end, it led to one of the most memorable scenes in the series during the last episode.