Review Touch Your Heart South Korean television series

Touch Your Heart

Review Touch Your Heart South Korean television series Light, frothy, and easy on the drama palate, Touch Your Heart is a fun little watch that ought to add a nice amount of cute to your viewing schedule.

Yoo In Na is the star of this show, with her personal charm making our protagonist earnest, adorable and very likable, pretty much regardless of the situation.

Lee Dong Wook’s straitlaced lawyer is a great foil for Yoo In Na’s sparkly enthusiasm, and together, they lit up my screen as they bickered,

talked and stumbled their way to True Love. Our drama world is filled with secondary characters who are mostly fun, and even the less fun ones grow on you by the end. A breezy, groovy OST that’s nicely employed to amp up the feels, is what ties this little ragtag package together.

Sometimes the plot goes off on a case-related tangent, but Show always brings it back to what’s important – the heartfelt, and the cute.

If you were a fan of the Lee Dong Wook-Yoo In Na pairing in 2017’s Goblin,

then this show would likely feel like a legit continuation of their story, maybe via a convenient reincarnation for both characters, to get them into this 2019 timeline and this drama world.

I never did finish Goblin (I know, so many people tell me that I’m missing out, big time. I don’t know, I guess it’s just not for me? I never managed to get into it, and dropped out at around the episode 11 mark),

but I did think that Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na shared good chemistry in what I did see of their shared screen time in that show, and I was happy to see them reunited in a different drama – this time, one that I actually managed to enjoy and finish. Woot!

With some dramas, it takes me several episodes
to start enjoying my watch, mostly after
Show’s done with its set-up and we’re shifting into the story proper.

With this one, as early as just 15 minutes in, I found myself enjoying my watch very much. Immediately, it struck me as light, frothy, and fun.

The necessary exposition was efficiently done without giving me the feeling that I was listening to a convenient exposition fairy.

[MINOR SPOILER] The way CEO Yeon (Oh Jung Se) of Always Law furtively observes each lawyer in his office for Yoon Seo’s (Yoo In Na) internship is fun, and also gives us a quick idea of who’s who and

what their personality is like.
I also love that CEO Yeon is all gruff and
dismissive while agreeing to allow the internship,

but once he puts down the phone,
he turns into a total fanboy. Haha.
[END SPOILER] Right away,
I liked the quirky feel of this office crowd.

Given how much I personally often struggle to jive with kdramas’ idea of humor, I was happily surprised to find that this show’s idea of funny worked for me.

Huzzah! The spotlight on individual characters’ minor quirks and reactions, along with squeaky sound effects,

amuses me without dipping into Korea’s penchant for broad comedy or toilet humor, and hit my funny bone quite perfectly.

No, it’s not side-splittingly funny, but at least I never found myself groaning at my screen,

wishing that Show hadn’t gone somewhere with its efforts to be funny.

Happily, by the end of episode 1, set-up even felt quite complete, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was already having a whale of a time. A Very Good Start indeed.

Yes, there are things that I didn’t like so much in this show (which I’ll talk about later), but generally speaking,

I found that I liked what Show served up, very much. It felt like Show was a big cozy fuzzball that just kept on giving.

Yes, sometimes there’s angst, but Show never spends too much time moping around in Angstville, preferring to focus on serving up cuteness and sweetness instead,

a fact that I appreciated very much indeed.

Once, despite not feeling great myself (I forget why), I found myself enjoying an episode of this show very much, which says a lot about Show’s breezy appeal, I think.


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