10 ideas for decorating your home with mirrors Shortcut


In addition to using a dressing mirrors We can also use glass to decorate the house to look beautiful in another way.  mirrors  It is also very useful for homes or rooms with a narrow space, as it not only helps to visually enlarge the appearance of the room, but also But also make the room look better, more beautiful and have more entertainment Today, the jar dot com would like to bring you ideas to decorate your house with a mirror together.

1. Stick to the mirror on the opposite side or beside the window.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
Choosing the right location It is the key to using a mirror to decorate a room ever. The best location is the wall opposite the window. Or the side wall of the window Because the mirror will reflect light from the outside of these 2 points the most Help make the room brighter and more spacious. It also reflects the scenery outside Makes the interior beautiful, not monotonous and can stay home all day without being bored.

2. Keep the mirror at eye level.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
It’s not just the selection of the position that matters. Because the installation height of the glass is appropriate It is another thing that must be considered equally that is Should choose the height to be in the level. Or measure about 60 inches from the floor to the center of the glass, leaving a gap from the top edge of the glass. Reach the edge of the ceiling at least 2 inches or more. That’s it, it helps to connect the whole room together. Make the room look good, spacious, easy to look at

3. Let the glass act as the window.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
For rooms without windows Adding framed glass or a window-like design Will help reflect the viewpoint of the opposite side Make the room look bright, spacious and have more dimensions than before. Plus help camouflage Acts as a window in the room. Helps not to feel uncomfortable As cramped as before

4. Let a mirror help you reflect on important perspectives.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
Another idea to use mirrors to decorate your home is easy but can help make the house more livable. Use a mirror to help reflect the view of what you want. Then place the position of the mirror in the same direction, for example, you want to see the picture behind the sofa while sitting on the sofa. Then bring a mirror to hang on the opposite side of the picture And shift the distance to fit the eyes when sitting on the sofa

5. Choose a large mirror, but the frame is thin.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
One of the most important secrets of decorating a tiny house or room is how big the mirror is. It is even more useful. By hanging a large mirror, placed or leaning against a solid wall on either side It will help to increase perspective. Reflects the scenery as well Can help deceive the eye to make the room look more spacious However, the frame or glass edge should be selected to be small, thin and have a simple design first. It will help the mirror to look too big enough.

6. Choose full glass to expand the space.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
If a large mirror still reflects the light and the view cannot be satisfied We recommend using full-wall mirrors instead. Because it helps to make the house brighter and more beautiful When compared with a small mirror Especially in the hallway There is a trick. Should the glass on the door side be attached? But if the hallway is a built-in cabinet Then change from the solid door Instead use a glass door

7. Match the mirror with the lights.
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
If you want to change a small, dark room to look brighter and more comfortable, I can say that it is not difficult. Just put a mirror behind the lamp. For the mirror to help reflect the light This can easily make the room look brighter and still look good, not as dark as before. And a pile of well-being

8. Match the glass with the artwork.

Although decorating the walls with a piece of art Will make a small room look narrower than before But it does not mean that we cannot bring art to decorate the room at all. Because the truth is, just match the painting with the mirror (May use one or more doors) and then arrange the appropriate position. This will help reflect the light. Make the room look dimensional And can add much more interest

9.Turn a mirror into a decoration
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
In addition to matching glass with works of art There is yet another simple idea that enhances beauty. Able to look into the room That is, the use of glass as a home decoration. By bringing several mirrors arranged together on the wall as you like Will be used in the same shape Same frame, same color or different design. Will choose a large flower in the middle Then a small flower is surrounded well

10.Use a multifunctional mirror
How to use a mirror to decorate the house
Ideas for decorating small rooms that are worthwhile and spacious There is nothing better than choosing a multi-function. It can be used for many things in one piece again, such as a built-in glass storage shelf. Which can be both a built-in storage cabinet and a dressing table In addition to saving space. Can also help reflect the view and the light from the opposite side of the mirror