5 big things to watch out for If you want to put it in your home

5 big things to watch out for If you want to put it in your home  That sounds like a bizarre thing.

When he said that the water tank, the fish tank, the bookshelf, the litter box, and the pianos were the five unreliable items, these five seemed to have nothing to do with each other.

But of course it is something that should be found in our homes. And if you ask why, you can give a quick and easy answer, not wasting your time that these 5 things are unexpectedly heavy.

In general, residential buildings, houses and condos have a law to control the weight that the floor should be able to hold per square meter. By the language engineer called “Exact weight” – that is, the weight that the floor can handle, excluding the floor weight itself. Which are classified by building type and area of ​​use, for example (see more details in the Ministerial Regulation No. 6 B.E. 2527 issued under the Building Control Act, B.E. 2522)
The roof area must be able to support the weight of 50 kg per square meter.
The weight capacity of residences, kindergartens, toilets, 150 kg per square meter
The weight of 200 kg per square meter of commercial building, condominium, hotel

Commercial buildings, universities, schools must be able to support the weight of 300 kg per square meter.

This rated load is the minimum number that must be met. Engineers may design a few more room for this. However They tend not to have too much to spare. Because the increased strength has a direct impact on the construction cost.

Which if it is a simple house But want to place a 1 cubic meter

water tank down there I must say that the volume of 1 cubic

meter of water will weigh up to 1 ton, which is the legal load of

the residential houses up to 850 kg, so for most homes, engineers

must know where to place the water tank during the design period.


In order to design the structure in that area to be stronger than usual

Many other things are heavy, yes, digest as well. For example Large fish tank Which is a good water tank, it may just come in the form of a beautiful decoration that we do not think it is a water tank.

There are also Bookcase Which is difficult to predict how heavy

it will be But let’s try to figure it out that in the legal standard

The floor of the library’s book storage room has to support

the weight of 600 kg per square meter, which is three times the weight of 150 kg.


As for the tree box, it is a good soil mixed with water, which one cubic meter of soil weighs about 1 -1.5 tons.

Of course, in general, the water tank. (Excluding the serious water tank), the fish tank, the bookshelf, the litter box, it is not that big.

But with a weight per square meter that exceeds the weight

of the law of the house a lot if the water tank, aquarium, bookshelf,

plant tray is large enough Should consider the position well Which

should not be placed in the middle of the floor Which is the weakness

of the area to support the weight is not very good Because it is far

from the shooting point than anyone else It is best to place it on the beam line or near the column, the better.

Or if it’s building a new house Should tell and ask an engineer Where to place a large aquarium Shelves or large bookcases Or want to plant a lot of potted plants


And when moving the above objects Must always keep in mind that the new areas to migrate to Is it able to support their weight?

A large piano or a grand piano is also a heavy one. For a house designed

to have a piano room You have to tell the engineer in advance where to

place the piano. Will increase the strength of the floor in that area from

the beginning (Which will be placed next to the pole, it is not

suitable as well), but if it is a small piano, it is not a problem at all.