Railroad Tigers – A Comprehensive Review

Nominated for eight Academy Awards including Best Picture, Train to Busan is a psychological thriller/love-story/adventure about the unlikely friendship and romance between an American serviceman and a South Korean girl. Sung-ho Jeon (Kwon Sang-ho) is an American GI who lives in South Korea. Due to his experiences during the time of the war, he was often hospitalized and had no other friends. When he returns to the USA, he reconnects with Soon-hee (Kwon Suk-woo) an attractive girl from his hometown. They are in love and soon become pen pals.

The film begins in the latter part of the 1980s, when the two are reunited in a restaurant and he leaves her to head home. The next day, he arrives at her house and they share an intimate dinner in a candlelight. Their friendship is strengthened when Soon-hee relates her past and he shares with her his previous experiences in the military. Then, later that night they go to a cafe where he is drunk, and she asks him to give her the ride back home.

The film then follows their courtship and marriage. Soon-hee is enraged by Sung-ho’s constant questions about her life, love life, and background. He also pesters her with his naive thoughts about sexuality, which is a reality when he is arrested by Park Myung-se, who is the head of the Korea Railroad. Park is able to arrest Sung-ho for trespassing across railroad tracks, but Soon-hee’s father decides to file charges due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol that Park has inflicted on Soon-hee.

Although Park is sentenced to two years in prison but he’s allowed to serve a portion of his sentence inside the Geo jail, where he makes an inmate’s friend known as Baek-min. Baek-min tries to escape his crime, but Park captures him and releases him after he’s served just a few years. ดูหนังออนไลน์ Park becomes friends with Ah-joo, another prisoner, while he is serving his sentence. Soon-hee finds Park attractive and decides to assist him leave the prison, but soon discovers that Park is back to his criminal ways once again. Park is then able to escape but is captured again by Hyung-joo, Park’s friend. They are then taken back to the Geo Jail where Park reveals his plan to free the captured heads of the victims of the railroad accident.

Park then begins his plan to dismantle heads and use to slay criminals. Utilizing his newly acquired skills, he crafts several weapons such as rocket launchers and a chainsaw that is heavy duty. But he soon discovers that the villains have acquired weapons of their own such as a hand gun and an assault rifle. It appears that they have now become the unexpected and unbeatable force they were before.

Park then launches his plan to free the remaining prisoners by firing laser beams from his eyes at the criminals who line up within the walls of the prison. The only issue is that the ray that he releases creates a large explosion that causes injuries to all of the guards and the criminals inside the prison. The prison authorities shortly release another group of prisoners and transport them to their guard posts. However, the criminals arrive just in time for guards to be killed one by one.

Park then launches his next plan, which is to shoot his nemesis, Kim, while he is moving with his new weapon. Park does not realize that his target is actually a police officer who is on the move. Kim then shoots and kills the police officer , and escapes. With this success Kim now has full control over the railroad company. The film ends with a group of survivors trying to find a way to escape from the Geo prison. Meanwhile, Park is struggling to adjust to his new life after being shunned and abandoned by his family. He has taken on the challenge to become director.

The film is based on the Korean drama “Korean Railway Tigers”, which was a huge success worldwide. The plot is great and the acting is superb, and the special effects are fantastic. The film will be a huge success in 2021. It has all the ingredients to be a global success!


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