CHAOS WALKING review : revolutionary mind of the world


review  CHAOS WALKING , the film, directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), is based on Patrick Ness’ dystopia, tells the story of the future. The characters live on the New World, a new star outside the world.
They settled in Prentisstown, named after the leader Mayor
Prentiss (Mads Mikkelsen from Doctor Strange).
(As a secret city) and everyone’s thoughts will be sounds and images that otherscan perceive at the time what they are thinking, called “Noise”.
One day, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland from Marvel’s Spider-Man), a young man who has never met a woman before, and one day he stumbles upon Viola Eade (Daisy Ridley from Disney’s Star Wars), the first woman.
In life Which comes with a mysterious ship from the universe The Spider-Man Far From Home Meets The Last Jedi When the movie is over We almost immediately imagine that Tom Holland was buzzing and complaining that he was unacceptable to play the film.  It must be a stigma or a professional humiliation.
For years, it has earned fame with blockbuster films like Spider-Man
and films that highlight performances like The Devil All the Time Chaos Walking is a rather boring movie and doesn’t have the chaos you
might imagine, whether it’s the chase action, the alien scene (where
only one is found), or the chaos of thought in the heads of men, to be honest.
We think it’s like a B-grade movie with an A-List cast, which is not only Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, but also a lot of big stars and also Nick Jonas, whose role Nick Jonas is crippled. It is a chapter that anyone can play.
But it shouldn’t be a member of the world-famous and handsome boy band Nick Jonas. 


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