Little monsters do good in a Christmas movie warm your heart

Christmas movie

Little monsters do good in a Christmas movie. Cartoons that will warm your heart Tell me you have to watch this story.


We are back again with a featured article. Christmas movie Because this season is close to the Christmas season.

For this article, the admin would like to recommend animation,

because of the past three stories. Featured as a movie genre,

people are all shown in this article.

So I will bring you an animation related to Christmas season and recommend everyone to watch it, and most importantly, it can only be viewed on Netflix.

A miserable little monster: Santa’s assistant This Christmas animated cartoon is the story of Santa, who is a favorite child around the world, he is on a mission to find someone to help him prepare gifts for children around the world.

The fastest way to save Christmas Since he was in trouble, he asked the little monsters to come and help.

At that moment there was a snowman. Which is a giant snowman

It collapsed And it caused a lot of damage, so the little monsters volunteered to put down their power and strength.

Use the superpowers you have to craft in your salvation to make your Christmas this year.Santa can deliver every gift in a timely manner. This story is considered quite cute.

This story may all be looking for fun, fun, killing time. In fact, it is an animation that gives us a lot of thought.

If everyone intends to duel like Samut, for example, just the title about A beast, you might think that a beast must be ferocious.

So who would have thought that these monsters would come to help the beloved Santa, the delivery boy on Christmas Day




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