Review Man of the Year (2006 film) by Barry Levinson

Man of the year

Review Man of the Year (2006 film) by Barry Levinson Tom Dobbs is host of a satirical news program, tapping into public frustrations with divisive, special interest-driven politics.

Dobbs laughs off an audience suggestion that he run for president, but following online support, he announces his campaign on air.

He gets on the ballot in 13 states and participates
in a national debate with the Democratic incumbent,
President Kellogg, and Republican candidate Senator Mills.

Eleanor Green works at the Delacroy voting
machine company, which will provide machines
for the Presidential election.

Shortly before the elections, Eleanor notices that the voting system does not work correctly and alerts the head of the company, James Hemmings, via an e-mail that he deletes.

Dobbs takes the campaign a bit too seriously, to the chagrin of his manager, Jack Menken, and his show’s producer, Eddie Langston.

The night of the presidential debates, fed up with the other candidates’ posturing, Dobbs shifts back into comedy, keeping the audience laughing while making serious points.

He continues his showman persona on the campaign trail, shaking up the political landscape and surging in the polls, but remains well behind Kellogg and Mills.

On Election Day, early returns show Kellogg
beating Mills everywhere, exactly as Eleanor predicted the voting system would report.

Dobbs sweeps the 13 states in which he is
on the ballot, taking enough electoral votes to be elected president.

When Eleanor confronts Hemmings about the
Delacroy computer error, senior executive Stewart turns her aside.

While Dobbs and his team move from shock
to celebration, Eleanor is attacked in her home and given an injection.

The next day, she displays erratic behavior and is sent
to the hospital, where tests reveal high levels of illegal drugs.

Her workmate Danny visits and reveals he has been promoted, which she thinks is an effort to buy him off.

He tries to convince her that she has a drug habit and that no one will listen if she goes public, but she decides that Dobbs will believe her.


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